About Kiki…

I am the CEO, Editor-in-Chief, and Art Director of the global music publication ION Indie Magazine. I also own a small, but busy Public Relations company, Rock Mother Promotions, that exclusively serves the music/entertainment industry. Those are only two of the many “hats” that I wear, which include author, writer, comedian, actress, musician, artist and beauty school drop out — and yet, I’m still a “slacker”. That is, if you go by that skit from the comedy show “In Living Color”. Remember the one where all the Jamaicans had 10 jobs? My personal mantra has become: “No matter how many tiaras (as I prefer to call them) I wear…at the end of the day, it’s still a raging case of ‘hat head’!”

Welcome to my blog! Be warned — Tourette’s Syndrome is my very favorite disease. Any affliction where you can swear freely and not be held accountable is okay in my book! Please do not be intimidated by the fact that I was once a runner-up in a long-ago Junior Miss Pageant, where I was the recipient of the coveted “Junior Miss Spirit Award” — which IS the most IMPORTANT award as it is voted on by your peers. Impressive, yes, but I am not smug about it. My writings are about my observations on my everyday life with the occasional smattering about my dysfunctional childhood (we put the “fun” in dysfunction) growing up in a large family in Illinois.

Born in McCook, IL and raised in Lyons, IL, I attended grade school at St. Hugh…where I took up the guitar in 2nd grade and learned that playing guitar at Mass was a faboo way to suck up to nuns. I attended high school at Morton West in Berwyn, IL (go Falcons!) where I was a cheerleader and due to my lack of understanding of either football or basketball, would sometimes start the wrong cheer at the wrong time (defense vs. offense)…but I rocked the uniform, so my priorities were straight — even if my motives weren’t pure.

I am also an” OGRC”…original gangsta rocker chick. My 1974 vintage guitar has lasted longer than any man that has entered (no pun intended) — or exited, my life. And as far as I know, it’s never cheated on me (although it’s been passed around a lot).

I have lived many places…in fact, my latest domicile, outside of Atlanta, is my 20th move. But the bill collectors are still able to find me.

It is worth mentioning that I have been given the moniker “The Fairy Rock Mother” for my contributions to the music community, namely, independent artists, by lending my talents for their cause (no, I’m not a groupie!). And due to my former gig as a “D List” beauty queen, I am also forever in the pursuit of World Peace (no, not the basketball player!).

I’ve also been known to stop by the occasional radio show. So far, no FCC violations (that I’ve heard about) — or they haven’t been able to find me to serve me. And I write…oh yeah…that too.



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