“Kiki Does the Mesa Arts Center (aka The Preview and the Muu Muu)”

ImageThere was a party goin’ on in the lobby of the Mesa Arts Center for the Mesa Encore Theatre production of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels as I “twerked” the meet and greet before showtime at 8:00. As curtain was delayed, it was imperative that I keep the masses happy by giving them what they wanted…ok, so maybe a revamping of my ballet recital when I was 6 wasn’t exactly the quality theatre that they were expecting, but what’s a girl to do? But on a positive note…I now have about 40 new bffs in my sistahs from Fellowship Square. They were most accommodating in joining in my improv rendition of “The Hokey Pokey Twerk”. An “Honorable Mention” goes to the lady in the brightly colored muumuu that did a full pelvic roll and “bumped” it for me…my eyes were like freakin’ pinwheels and I believe several peeps turned to stone!
The “Team Player” award of the evening goes to my beautiful assistant and granddaughter to my girl Dott McDaniel, Alexis. I am happy to report that Ms. Alexis is now fully corrupted by moi (no thanks are necessary, Dott!). And I would be remiss if I didn’t give a big open-mouth kiss to my better half, Mr. J.B. Bridges for his assistance in wrestling the larger-than-life signage into submission (did the same to me, later in the evening…total TMI alert!).


And it was great to chat with David Chorley, the Director of DRS before the curtain (dear friend of my homie, Shaun Michael McNamara of All Puppet Players). 

And, as always, there was the MAC House Manager and her staff—all standing by to assist and offer a helping hand with programs, tickets, and my mother’s walker. They also laughed very loudly at my jokes—much appreciated! I got to chat up the audience as I pandered during intermission and the preview feedback was MOST favorable. Great crowd…even the guy that offered to “make it rain” if I revamped my “Hokey Pokey” bit…I told him to see the “muumuu grinder”…I’m a effin lady, after all!
All in all, a great night and fabulous show fer shizzle! Dirty Rotten Scoundrels delivered the goods!!!! I was able to view parts of the show when there wasn’t “biz” to deal with…and when I wasn’t able to watch; I could hear the audience roaring.
ImageAll in a night’s work for a Public Relations goddess…

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