“How To Utilize Strippers as Billboards and Other Public Relations Pearls of Wisdom”


As I’ve been spending some time “rambling” about the Midwest, my travels have landed me in chilly Merrillville, Indiana. Here I am, with some of my readers at the “Tilted Kilt”…and make no mistake–these sistahs are intellectuals. Please note my new bff and Server (and this cupcake was “servin'” IT!) in the attractive fetching eyewear. A great time was had by all, fer shizzle!

I am always “working it”, and I saw opportunity bangin on my door here–and my PR muscles were a-twitchin with the promotional opportunity that had presented itself. So keeping in mind one of my Public Relations gigs serving a theatrical company as their Publicist and also, board member (I get to vote on shit…imagine that?), I wanted to send a “shout out” that, although I was away from the “bosom” of my board mates–their “Hype Girl” is hard at work and keeping their best interests in mind. So I attached the above pic and dashed off a quick email that read as follows…
“Just want you to know that I am properly representing you in all things. I take my position as your Publicist quite seriously and am always keeping in the forefront of my very existence how I can better “serve” all your PR and marketing needs. So here I am at the “Tilted Kilt” with some potential season ticket holders and future patrons. To further advance our objectives, I have slapped  your logo on each of these lasses impressive asses and they are “working” the room. I think it was a “stroke” of genius on my part to optimize the “word of mouth” approach and a great use of signage in the process. No dollars were spent in this promotional campaign, but several were collected by my new advertising team.”
And to the lovely ladies of the “Tilted Kilt”…thanks for the memories (mammaries, even). I didn’t know that this woman of a “certain age” could still kick that high.

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