“Life is Not Skittles and Rainbows…”

I remember one day, looking out my patio doors and seeing a cute little baby robin hopping about in my backyard. The mother hovered on a low hanging tree limb calling out to her offspring and maternally watching over her baby. It was picture-perfect…a light breeze blowing and the sun twinkling through the leaves of the trees as they softly swayed just beyond the backyard bushes. And I sighed, with a slight smile on my lips as I surveyed God’s beauty–so caught up in the moment and the feelings of renewal and hope that the season of Spring brings…and then, a mangy tomcat sprang from those bushes and snatched the fledgling up in his foaming jaws and yanked it into the bushes and devoured it savagely while the mother screamed…life sucks that way sometimes.

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