“Hanging With my Peeps on Easter”

Just wanted to say “Happy Easter” to all my readers on Krava by Kiki…and for your consideration…here is a photographic offering from “Easter’s Past”. One of those “when you see it” sort of things…let’s discuss:



Let me assure you, no babies were harmed in the preparation of this holiday meal.

There was much discussion regarding this photo on my Facebook page…and some of the commentaries were as follows (I hang with a pretty irreverent group…go figure!):

“Needs a few more minutes. The top of the head is still a little soft…”

 “Bake at 350 degrees for two hours, stomach up–baste frequently, When top is nicely browned and belly button pops out…it’s done”

” For added flavor enhancement…apply a generous rub of sage, thyme, lemon pepper, and desitin.”

“Meanwhile, Gretel was dangerously close to the refrigerator…bro Hans was doing a slow burn.”

“The rest of you kids, grab a sharp knife and help with the coleslaw”…

Me: “Please note the arm dangling in the right of the photo…that’s my sis with her finger in the light socket…”

“Mom! The grill won’t light!’ “There’s gasoline in the garage!”

My Sis: “Hey, that slug fit perfectly!”

Me: “People here won’t believe that it’s true…but you actually did lick a metal slug and stick it in an open light socket…I remember your fingers were a lovely shade of grey and there was a burnt flesh smell hanging in the air…great momentary light show too! Not as good as the exploding bowling pins in the fireplace on Christmas morn…but still good.”

Sis: “Hey, I was curious.”

And so it goes…

I will leave you with these timely images…here I am busily a-huntin’ eggs. I am enjoying the retro ensemble that I’m sportin’–lest a sock hop flash mob should make an appearance, I’m ready-in-a-moment’s notice. And for some strange reason, in all my early childhood photos, my mouth is open…a precurser to things to come, me thinks!

And, as presented in the following photographic evidence…I can STILL do THAT with my leg…

Happy Easter!



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