“Krava by Kiki” is Launched!

Welcome to “Krave by Kiki”–my musings and ramblings about everyday life–as I see it! Not for the weak of heart and I take no prisoners, so if you are easily offended, you should not join in the reindeer games. Otherwise, c’mon in…the water is hot with a dash of salty.

Good Afternoon to my readers. I have (finally) begun “Krava By Kiki” as I’ve been threatening/talking about for so long…and one might say, even encouraged by those that “get” me. Let me tell you what “Krava” represents in my life and why it is so epic.

I was born a poor Croatian girl in the small community of McCook, IL, a suburb of Chicago (for some reason, I have drifted into a dream sequence of “The Jerk”, but I digress…). When I was birthed and presented to my Croatian family, besides the fact that I looked a bit biracial (Mom had some ‘splaining to do there), which accounts for my unique flava, I had this Great Aunt that just happened to have Down’s Syndrome. My Auntie Adeline could not say “Karen”, so “Kiki” it was…and this leads me my use of “Krava”. It was Adeline’s favorite expletive. It actually means “cow” in Croatian, but Adeline used it just like “F#ck”…and often. And then she would follow up as another “F#ck Off”–the phrase “go to grass!” which would account for some of those lost teenage years at Morton West High in Berwyn, IL for at least a few of the fam. The “Krava” followed by “Go to grass” is the equivilent of a double flip of the bird…great multi tasker that my aunt was.

So there you have it…”Krava By Kiki” passes through the birth canal today…I hope you enjoy my blog and perhaps, may find yourself guffawing and chortling at some of the absurdities. I invite you to keep your hand on the buzzer and join in the frivolity as I will be posting my observations on my everyday life, my early years, pop culture, topics in the news, and other nonsense. And I apologize in advance, so I won’t say it again…Mom.


2 thoughts on ““Krava by Kiki” is Launched!

    1. Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed reading it! Not everyone “gets” me. I don’t take it too seriously. It’s meant as comical commentary, but a smidgeon of the occasional socially redeeming value magically makes its way in by one of my other personalities.

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